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Product Info
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Memo Boards
99¢ per board for orders of 300 or more.
Call for special pricing on orders of 5,000+ or under 300.
Call for special Holiday Pricing!

Design available for $40/hr. (Call for quote)

Shipping & Handling
S&H will be billed accordingly.

Sales Tax
4.5% sales tax will be added to orders placed in Virginia.

Additional Options
Back Side imprint:
1-color spot
5¢ per board
2-color spot
10¢ per board
3-color spot
15¢ per board
full-color process
20¢ per board

Dry Erase Pen Upgrade:
10¢ per board

Pen Inserted Into Pen Holder:
3¢ per board

Option prices quoted for orders of 300-4,999 boards.
Call for special option pricing on orders of 5,000+ or under 300.

Prepayment is required on all orders.
We accept Visa, Master Card, personal or company checks, electronic checks & money orders.

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Product Info
8 1/2" x 11"
14 pt. laminated paper
Memo board is a damp-erase board with water soluble marker. (Dry-erase pen upgrade available for 10¢ a board.)

Full-color 8 1/2" x 11" imprint on the front.
Optional 1-, 2-, 3- or full-color imprint available on the back. (See pricing)

100 memo boards per 13" x 9" x 9" box; 6 boxes per master 32" x 20" x 14" carton.
Markers packaged in zip lock bags (1 bag of 100 pens per box). (Optional pen inserted into pen holder for 3¢ per board.)
Optional individual heat-sealed poly bag available starting at 20¢ per board (on order of 300 boards or more–price breaks on poly bags start at 1,000).

Production Time
12 business days from signed proof and payment.

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Marketing Tips & Ideas
Magnetic memo boards are effective marketing tools that communicate your message to prospective and current customers. Sometimes, the trick to getting a customerís business can be as simple as whose information is the most readily available. Memo boards give you exposure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in high traffic areas.

Did you know? According to a Purdue University study that on average a person opens the refrigerator 20 times a day.* That means if you promote your business on an 8 1/2" x 11" full-color, magnetic memo board your advertisement will be seen 7,300 times by one person in one year and 29,200 times by a family of four. Your customer’s fridge will become a permanent billboard for your business.

*Source: Purdue University Study, December 1987.

Pizzeria & Restaurant Marketing Tips
(View pizzeria & restaurant samples)
–Give your phone number a prominent position on the board so you will be the first one people call when they order pizza.
–Pass out:
:: With pick-up and delivery orders to increase repeat business
:: At grand openings since you’re not listed in the phone book yet
:: To businesses for easy call-in ordering
:: To potential catering clients
:: On college campuses≠during study session or party time, they’ll have your number close at hand
–Double the impact by adding your menu to the back of the board.
–Run a promotion that if a customer brings in a competitor's magnet you will exchange it for your 8 1/2" x 11" memo board and a discount on their order.
–Increase check size by featuring a picture of your pizza along with a side item.
–Take advantage of co-op opportunities by adding your beverage vendor's logo or picture of their product.

(Featured in Pizza Marketing Quarterly’s Idea Forum)

Travel Marketing Tips
(View travel samples)
Travel Agents
–Keep your clients constantly dreaming of their next vacation with a customized travel memo board. With your contact information on the top of their mind they will call you to organize their next dream vacation.
–Increase customer loyalty by giving the memo board as a thank you gift.
–Give to local companies that often require travel arrangements.

Hotels & Resorts
–Promote your hotel in the ideal spot by giving your memo board to travel agencies.
–Use as a "Thank You For Your Stay" gift.
–Be sure to include an appealing picture and a list of hotel amenities along with your name, website & contact information.

Health Marketing Tips
(View health samples)
–Include an easy "next appointment reminder" on the front of the board.
–Add helpful charts on the front or back for emergency numbers, medications, babysitter's notes, first aid, etc.

Real Estate Marketing Tips
(View real estate samples)
–Put a twist on your annual, self-promotional calendar with a calendar memo board—it has all the usefulness of a peel-off calendar, with the added utility of a memo board.
–Keep your name and face in front of your customers to remind them to refer business to you.

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Stock Photography
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Pepperoni 1 (J1-12) Pepperoni 2 (J3-11) Pepperoni 3 (J4-7) Pepperoni 4 (J1-1)
Pepperoni 5 (J1-14) Pepperoni 3 (J4-14) Pepperoni 4 (J1-8) Supreme 1 (J4-9)
Supreme 2 (C2-15) Supreme 2 (J2-7) Cheese 1 (J5-22) Cheese 2 (C4-1)
Sausage (J2-16) Sausage (J3-5) Pep & Grn Pepper (C2-4) Pep & Grn Pepper (J1-25)

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